想了解對個別國家移民政策及要求, 歡迎瀏覽本司網頁按圖示”Immigration”就可顯示個別國家/區域資料,個別國家/區域有顯示”>”者表示有更多細分資料可找。


Immigration refers to the phenomenon of the flow of population in the space, or the persons who transfer from place  A  to farther distance place  B  to settle down.

With the nation as the main body, immigration can be divided into within border immigration as well as cross-border immigration.

Cross-border immigration is also divided into emigration(移民出境) as well as immigration(外來移民).

Emigration「出境移民」, immigrants who are called out of the country refers to leave their country or region and settle elsewhere.

Immigration「外來移民」, immigrants are the term from the point of view of settlement


To get to know the individual country’s immigration policy and requirements, you are welcome to visit our webpage as shown “ Immigration” which displayed individual country/regional information. For individual country/region which showed “>”more information in the said sub categories can be found.




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